Veterans Benefits

VA Benefits

There are a large number of veterans in or nearing retirement age. Serving the country through service in the Armed Forces was a staple of “The Greatest Generation” and their children. There are a variety of wonderful benefits available to veterans from pensions (even if they did not serve 20 years), Aide and Attendance for the veteran or those helping take care of their physical needs, Nursing home and Hospice service, to burial benefits including plots, headstones and more.

There are 3 important forms when applying for VA benefits:

DD 214 are the discharge papers.

The SF-180 is the form used to request copies of the DD 214 if the original cannot be located.  To request a copy, go here, or

The 10-10EZ is the form used to register with a VA for medical benefits. Can be found here or at .

If you would like information about qualification requirements or assistance in the application process, feel free to give us a call. We’re more than happy to help!

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