Smart people do rich people things with money. We often are asked why, as a non-profit, we charge for our services. The reason is  to provide as much value to you, our client as possible.

Many people have heard about the “free” services which help you find a place for your mom or dad “at no cost to you”. These services aren’t really free. They have contracts with the facilities where they refer whereby they receive a portion of the first months rent up to 100%. So, while we charge a few hundred dollars for our service, those who go with the “free services” are actually spending $3,000-$10,000 which goes through the facility to the “free service” for that list. Because you pay us, we work with the facilities to obtain a lowered price or discount to you, rather than a fee to us. While we can’t always guaranty a discount, we can guaranty we won’t only be suggesting facilities which pay us a referral fee.

Wealthy people pay a little money for great information which saves them a lot of money. We hope you will take this into consideration when making your Eldercare Service Provider decision.

Hourly Services: $149 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.
Our initial phone conversation with our clients is provided at no charge. Our mission is to get the information to as many people as possible. Our guaranty to provide you with information which could save you more than our fee. If we don’t there will be no charge to you. (Driving time billed at $75 per hour)

Basic Plan:
Our Basic Plan and Survey is more in depth than the initial conversation. We will discuss your needs in the areas of Care Planning and Management, Aging in Place Services, Government Programs, Family and Professional Caregiver Considerations, and Legal items you may want to consider. You will be provided a written report outlining your situation and suggestions.

If you have a relationship with a professional service provider with whom you are comfortable, we suggest you use them. If you need referrals for attorneys, financial professionals, funeral homes, realtors, downsizing or senior living residences we can provide contact information  for reputable licensed professionals.

In addition to the 1 to 1.5 hours we spend with the family, when drive time, phone calls and report writing are taken into account, we often spend up to 4 hours to complete a Plan and conversation.

Full Service Plan ($1499):
Our Full Service Plan provides a more extensive level of service and, in our opinion, the better value at $1499. Our full service plan takes roughly 20 hours of service time over the 6 month period.

With our Full Service Plan you receive all the information provided with the initial visit, plus more extensive personal time with both the client and adult children or other decision makers. In addition, we make available a session with a licensed Social Worker or experienced Geriatric Care Manager to discuss medical planning options.

If you choose the Full Service Plan we can personally accompany you to appointments with professionals, take you to visit potential new places to live, and assist you with information to help you make the decision most appropriate for you. The Full Service Plan, like the others, includes our services but does not include the cost of any professional services you might choose to purchase.

The Full Service Plan currently allows for up to 10 visits over the 6 month period. Additional visits (which include drive time, phone calls and the actual visit) are available for a suggested donation of $99 per visit to Full Service Plan purchasers.

Donations Accepted
Trinity Senior Transitions is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and are able to accept tax deductible donations to help us spread this message and serve the public.If you would like to help Trinity Senior Transitions with our mission of eldercare education  we encourage and invite you to consider helping us with a donation.

In addition to financial donations we accept:
Company Stocks
Real Estate

Medicaid Application:
Medicaid Planning is individualized and dependent on a person’s specific situation, the number of family members involved and the amount of legal work necessary. Our plans start at $298, and are based upon the amount of work which needs to be done and how much, if any, legal work is needed.

Following the initial consultation, your application can be completed by one of our Social Workers, and necessary financial paperwork gathered by our professional staff. We will be able to give you a specific price after the initial consultation.

As a 501(c)(3) Corporation, we never turn away clients based on their ability to financially support us. For your convenience we have listed suggested donations which allow us to bring this important service to more families.