Legal / Wills / Living Wills / POA’s

5 Things to know about Wills/Living Wills/Powers of Attorney:

  1. A will provides for distribution of your property (material and intellectual –Blogs, websites, Facebook) after you die.
  2. A Power of Attorney (POA) allows someone you choose to make decisions and take care of my finances for me should you not be able to.
  3. A Medical Power of Attorney allows someone to make decisions about the medical care you receive, or don’t receive, if you are not able to express your wishes.
  4. A Living Will gives instructions to your medical decision makers about what care you want and what care you do not want should you become not able to tell them.
  5. If there are no close family or relatives nearby you can appoint, or have appointed a Guardian to make these decisions for you.

Bonus: EVERYONE OVER 18 YEARS OLD needs a Will, Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney!

One of the keys with legal documents is to find the right attorney. Not only do they need to be qualified in your type of situation, but “right sized” as we refer to it. There’s no need to pay a large firm more for a consultation, when a small firm may be able to prepare the documents for a similar fee. At the same time, it may be best  to deal with a firm having more extensive offerings if that better suits your needs.

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