“How do I go through 50 years of belongings and memories from my life and get ready to move to the next stage?” is a common concern. Working through the emotional journey in this process is  as significant as choosing what personal belongings to keep, sell, or distribute.

Having a support system of family and friends is invaluable – for those who have them – but many people do not have built-in support networks.  Even with a good support system, having expert help is valuable to ease the transition and walk with you through the emotional journey. In any event, planning ahead gives people time to process emotions as well as ease the physical burden of transitioning into a new living arrangement that will serve individuals and their families better during the aging process.

Trinity Senior Transitions has experienced and value oriented teams to assist you or your parents with downsizing or moving. From helping you determine what to keep, to measuring your new place to make sure it will fit, out teams help remove stress from the process.

We look forward to helping you plan your downsizing needs. Contact us for an appointment or with questions steve.lybrand@trinityhelps.org or ph: 610-587-2814.