At some point everyone will need the services of a funeral director. While most people naturally do not look towards this task with enthusiasm, there are a few things which can ease the planning.

  1. Overcoming hesitation to discuss this with family members. While sometimes difficult to initiate, this conversation can have meaningful benefits.
  2. Pre-funding. This is a bit different thanpre-planning, butit can have a very positive effect in the long term. Pre-funding is done with cash, a life insurance policy, or an annuity. There may be increased benefits to one of these methods for your situation, particularly if nursing home care is being used by a family member.
  1. Pre-planning is the act of discussing an individual’s desires and arranging details for a funeral or celebration of life service. This usually involves family members, the funeral director, and personal clergy. In 10 years of geriatric care, we have found pre-planning to be a wonderful gift a person can give to his or her family. It allows time for the emotional process following the passing of a loved one, instead of worrying about the details and arrangements of a funeral or service.

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