About Value

(Trinity) got me started on getting things in order. Our family sat down and started the discussion we should’ve had years ago.” Gerry S. ~ Chichester, PA.

A common question we receive is “Why should we use Trinity?”. The most well received answer is that we save clients a lot of money, and guide them in getting done those things which help provide emotional comfort.

Our professional staff has experience dealing with people and family members having sensitive discussions and respectful conversations. While we help move the process forward, we do it at a pace both family and loved one’s are comfortable with.

By far, fear causes more procrastination than lack of knowledge. In senior life planning, procrastination often increases costs or delays benefits. In fact, most wait until a crisis forces action, which tends to compress the decision making timelines and can disqualify people for some of the most effective planning tools.

This is why we offer a variety of plans. With Veterans Benefits providing up to $2100 a month, nursing homes costing several thousands, Medicare / Medicaid having strict deadlines and look back periods, having a neutral party  educate you and help you make decisions will often allow savings of thousands of dollars for every month it helps you not delay, or allows you to remain in your home.

You are in control of every stage of the process. We use our training and experience to uncover and address issues of your choosing, which in turn makes the process of planning and taking action more peaceful and smoother than most families acting alone.