Trinity Senior Transitions


Trinity Senior Transitions is an eldercare advocacy and consulting company serving the 5 counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. Our model covers what we call the 6 Pieces of a Seniors Life Puzzle: Assistance with Care Planning for Transitions, Legal Considerations, Funeral Planning, Financial Considerations, Downsizing & Housing and Family Dynamics which affect the Senior Planning Process.

With more than a decade working in geriatric healthcare, our Social Workers and Eldercare Professionals  have come to see a little assistance removes a lot of the fear about uncertainty of the future.

As an increasing proportion of our population ages, there is an ever greater need for education and supportive assistance focused on the financial and emotional aspects of the aging process and the transitions which accompany those stages. Experience has taught us that having good information about what to expect in the near future, relieves large amounts of stress about necessary changes.

Trinity Senior Transitions assists seniors and their families by providing emotional support, education, and practical information. This can easily save many thousands dollars, while easing the emotional burden associated with major life transitions.

We look forward to working with you as you plan your own, or your loved one’s major transitions. or 610-587-2814.